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4 Ways to Get Simoleons – Money for the Sims Social

September 10, 2011 1 comment

You want the new FutuRist Portal. It will surely look good for your sim’s bathroom. Unfortunately, you have spent all your simoleons the last time you play and you just cannot raise 750 simoleons by painting, cooking, writing or composing because you have only 15 energy. Frustrating, isn’t it? Let me share with you four ways to get simoleons, the money for the sims social. Yes, I’m hooked with the game. No, these ways to get simoleons are not illegal.

Level Up Your Skills

You can use different items to level up your skills in cooking, arts, music and writing. It is a great way to earn simoleons. Make sure that your sim is inspired to get a bonus.

Sell Gifts You’ll Not Use

New friends and neighbors may send you gifts*. Accept every gift even if you think you will not going to use them. How many AluMinimum Table or Bunny Plushie have you received? An Aluminimum Table costs 17 simoleons while the Bunny Plushie costs 19 simoleons.

*You can also send 25 simoleons as a gift and have your friends to send back the favor.

Watch Your Newsfeed

A lot of Facebook users now play the Sims Social and they need help for completing quests, building items, etc. The game is about giving and receiving. An easy way to get Sims money when you have used all your energy is to help your friends. Go to Facbook’s homepage. Instead of the “Most Recent” choose “Games” and you will be able to see several posts of your friends who play the Sims Social (let’s just hope that your friends love the game as much as you do). Press “Ctrl” and “F” and type “free simoleons”. It will make finding the posts that will give you free Sims money much easier because some posts may give you free Love, free Goodwill or anything you do not need as of the moment.

Subscribe to Sims Social Newsletter

Lastly, you can opt to subscribe to the Sims Social newsletter. Sometimes, they give free simoleons through email. Look how much I received today. It will surely make your day.